Intro-spettiva presenta: Ruvido Records

Intro-Spettiva presenta: Ruvido Records showcase


18:00 – 01:00

☛ 18-19 : Henry Cane
☛ 19-20 : Kawa (live)
☛ 20-22 : Intro-Spettiva Soundsystem
☛ 22-23 : Fabio Duilio (live)
☛ 23-01 : Henry Cane

Ruvido Records is a new record label founded by DJ/producer/promoter Cristian Croce AKA Henry Cane, co-founder of seminal Milan clubnight Discosafari. Its mission is to persecute the same eclectic curatorial style as the party itself, by setting the single rule of drawing in and releasing music that feels raw, heartfelt, and viscerally groovy. While mostly oriented to the dancefloor, Ruvido’s taste for psychedelics and to incorporate different cultural influences make it a shifty sonic kaleidoscope. Its inaugural releases set the tone of what to expect, uniting different influences from the extended spectrum of funk, disco, soundtracks, jazz and experimental music.

✈ Ruvido Records on Soundcloud

First drink 10€

Secret Location

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